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Adam White

Adam White



Adam White joined the Association of Major Power Consumers in Ontario as their President in August 2005.

The Association of Major Power Consumers in Ontario is a not-for-profit consumer interest advocacy organization that promotes the competitiveness of Ontario industry through reliable supplies of electricity at affordable rates. AMPCO represents business consumers in the forestry, chemical, mining and minerals, steel, petroleum products, cement, automotive and manufacturing industries.

Prior to joining AMPCO, Mr. White was Vice President of Public Affairs and External Relations with the Ontario Energy Association, Account Manager with Mirant Canada Energy Marketing, Manager of Regulatory Affairs with TransAlta Energy Corporation, Senior Policy Advisor at the Ontario Ministry of Energy, Science and Technology, and Senior Economist at the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Energy.

Mr. White has more than 17 years’ experience in policy economics and analysis, public relations, communications and advocacy, achieving superior energy, environmental and public health policy outcomes for clients and employers in the not-for-profit, public and private sectors.

Mr. White has a degree in economics from the University of British Columbia and a diploma in facilitative leadership from the York University Faculty of Environmental Studies. Mr. White is a Canadian Fellow of the international programme for Leadership for Environment and Development.

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