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Andrew Garsch (Capt Retired, P.Eng. PMP)

Andrew Garsch (Capt Retired, P.Eng. PMP)

Andrew Garsch (Capt Retired, P.Eng. PMP) joined the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) in 2001, attending the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC). He graduated from RMC in 2005 with a B. Eng (Mech) and was posted to 1 Combat Engineer Regiment. He deployed to Afghanistan in 2008 as an Engineer Troop Commander. Upon his return he was posted to the Canadian Forces School of Military Engineers as an Instructor and became the Second in Command of the Field Engineer Training Squadron. In 2011 he was posted to 4 Engineer Support Regiment as the Second in Command of the Counter-Improvised Explosive Device Squadron. His military career was then cut short when he was medically released from the CAF due an injury sustained in Afghanistan.

Andrew Garsch has since become a consultant working for various companies. He has a passion for helping those in need. Having faced a difficult transition himself; he has an intimate understanding of the hardships felt by serving military members and veterans that are experiencing issues with the transition to civilian life. For over a year he has been working with Shaping Purpose Inc to provide releasing military members and veterans an opportunity to rediscover themselves following life in the military.

In the last year he has begun pursuing lost passions such as basketball, rowing, and has taken up surfing and triathlons.

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