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Thomas Lukaszuk

Thomas Lukaszuk

Leadership Candidate for PC Party

PC Party of Alberta

Born in Poland, Thomas has been a proud Albertan since the mid-1980s. He arrived in Canada not speaking a word of English, and arrived in Alberta in the back of his parents’ car.

He grew up in north Edmonton, and graduated from St. Joseph’s High School and the University of Alberta.

He paid his way through school as a restaurant server. After graduation, he was a teacher. After that, he started and ran a small business which helped injured workers.

After volunteering on community and government projects, he ran for office and became the MLA for Edmonton-Castle Downs in 2001. In government, he has worked on education, workforce, economic development, social services, and municipal affairs issues.

Thomas has been an active member of the Alberta Progressive Conservative Party since the 1990s, and has worked with Ralph Klein and every premier since.

He is married and has two daughters.

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