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The Honourable Pierre Poilievre

The Honourable Pierre Poilievre

Minister of State (Democratic Reform) Nepean-Carleton (Ontario)

The Government of Canada

To expand freedom, so each can take responsibility for their life, strive for success and own their destiny.

To allow space for this freedom, government must only do what people cannot do for themselves.

• Leave money in the hands that earned it, not with the government that taxed it;
• Allow freedom of association for workers;
• Deliver more of our public services through free enterprise and competition;
• Trade more with other free countries and stand with them against tyrants and terrorists;
• Make our institutions – including the Senate – accountable to citizens.

After defeating the incumbent Liberal Defense Minister in the 2004 election, Poilievre has since been re-elected four times.

On the Hill
As Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasury Board President (2006-2008), he helped stick-handle the Federal Accountability Act through the House of Commons. As Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister (2008-2011), he was the caucus lead on the Conservative Party’s 2011 election platform, where he pushed for spending reductions, less red tape for small businesses and tax fairness for families with a stay-at-home parent.
As Parliamentary Secretary to the Transport Minister (2011-2013), Poilievre launched a new House committee study on how competition and private sector investment can lower the costs and improve the quality of our roads, bridges and other infrastructure.

In the Community
Some of his best ideas have come from the people he represents.
In 2005, he took the idea of a Children’s Fitness Tax Credit from an Osgoode farming family to Stephen Harper who campaigned on and implemented it.
It was also in Osgoode that he met Jim Duquette. The Army Major left to serve the Canadian Forces in the Middle East just days after the birth of his son. He returned to learn his parental benefits under EI had expired while he was serving overseas, depriving him of the chance to spend time with the son he had not seen in a year. Major Duquette learned that, according to the rules, he could have deferred his benefits for the purpose of serving a prison sentence, but not for the purpose of serving in a Canadian Forces mission.
Poilievre fixed this injustice, with the Fairness for Military Families Act. It allows soldiers to defer their parental leave until after they return from military missions, giving them precious time off with their small children.
As a leading voice for the future Strandherd-Armstrong Bridge, Poilievre has landed one-third of the project’s needed investment. Construction is now well underway as a result. He also secured the neighbouring airport land required for the Limebank Road expansion.

Appointed Minister of State (Democratic Reform) on July 15, 2013, Minister Poilievre is working hard towards strengthening our democracy.
The Barrhaven resident holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Calgary.

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