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John F. Elliot

John F. Elliot

President and CEO

Pure Technologies Ltd.

John (Jack) Elliott is a professional engineer with a degree in civil engineering from National University of Ireland (Cork). Mr. Elliott joined Pure Technologies in 1996 as Vice President and since that time has been critical member of the Senior Management team, most specifically responsible for business development, sales and operations. Prior to joining Pure Technologies Mr. Elliott was General Manager of Structural Diagnostics Limited, Operations Manager and General Manager of CCD Western Limited and Operations Manager for Cana Construction Limited. Mr. Elliott is a Past President of the American Concrete Institute (Alberta Chapter), and is a member of the International Association of Bridge and Structural Engineers (IABSE) and the Federation Internationale du Beton.

As water-related pipeline assets in North America approach the end of their useful lives, a massive gap between infrastructure expenditure needs and available funds has developed. Mr. Elliott and the Pure Technologies team have bridged this gap, extending the life of critical pipelines and providing cost effective, sustainable solutions for utilities, including innovative technologies that provide structural condition assessment, real-time monitoring and water loss reduction.

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