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Jim Schubert,  P.Eng.

Jim Schubert, P.Eng.

Director, Business Planning & Central Operations Waste Management Services

City of Edmonton

Jim is a Chemical Engineer with over 25 years experience in the solid waste field and has specialized in the waste combustion area. He has been working on the City’s gasification project since it’s inception in 2002 as a feasibility study (which looked at the Gasification/Waste to Energy options for the residual waste streams).

Mr. Schubert is the City’s project manager for the planned new Waste to Biofuels facility and integrated processing and transfer facility at the Edmonton Waste Management Centre. The waste processing system will produce a refuse derived fuel which will be sent over to the new gasification facility for treatment.

The overall processing, transfer and gasification facility will nicely compliment the City’s existing large scale material recovery and composting facilities. An additional Advanced Energy Research Facility has been built which houses a pilot gasification system to do research work on a variety of waste feedstocks and gas-to-liquid fuel products.

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