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Dominic Monchamp

Dominic Monchamp

Detective Sergeant Investigations Supervisor Multidisciplinary investigation...

Montreal Police Department

Detective Seargent Dominic Monchamp has been serving the SPVM for 20 years and specializing in the domain of human trafficking and sexual exploitation for the last 15 years. His vast investigation experience includes overseeing and coordinating undercover operations, including electronic surveillance and fieldwork. He has specialized in units related to this field as an Investigations Supervisor since 2005. He is involved in excess of 1800 files regarding human trafficking and had logged over 600 interviews with victims. He was declared an expert witness by the court in 2006 and 2013.

He conducts lectures and conferences in this domain at regional, provincial and national levels. He is an active member in several committees including CATHII (Action Committee against Human Trafficking - Domestic and International) (2005) (2011-2014), BIDE (International office for children’s rights) (2006, 2012-2013), and Temple commitee againts human Trafficking (2008-2014).

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