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Casandra Diamond

Casandra Diamond

Human Trafficking Case Manager

Women's Support Network of York Region

Casandra Diamond practices a grass roots street level approach to tackling anti human trafficking initiatives in York Region and Toronto as a case manager for WSN of York Region, and as a volunteer for various agencies in the greater Toronto area dedicated to anti human trafficking and anti prostitution.

Philosophy – Casandra Diamond
Casandra Diamond is a Human Trafficking Case Manager for the Women’s Support Network of York Region. A survivor of the sex trade, Casandra has an in depth knowledge of the needs of women who are able to flee the industry or are rescued, given that she is familiar with the grooming and recruiting tactics and the clandestine aspects of organized crime and gang dynamics. She works with other community members who are also interested in designing programs that realistically meet the needs of trafficked and exploited women.

Apart from her professional duties, she voluntarily supports a group of women and their families in planning and moving towards a brighter future. Her dream is to be a catalyst for setting up a holistic service to provide a bridge towards successful reintegration into society for survivors of the industry. She is extremely knowledgeable about hyper-sexualisation of children and pornography within social media and its impact on youth culture and ultimately on youth themselves. She clearly draws the line between current youth culture and the readying of today`s youth to participate in the “game” either as consumers or exploited persons.

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