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The Honourable Robert W. J. Ghiz

The Honourable Robert W. J. Ghiz

Premier of Prince Edward Island, President of the Executive Council

Minister Responsible for Intergovernmental Affairs, Minister Responsible for...

The Honourable Robert Ghiz was first elected as a Member of the Legislative Assembly in 2003, and was re-elected in District 13, Charlottetown-Brighton in 2007 and 2011.

Robert was born in Charlottetown on January 21, 1974 and grew up in the same community. After graduating from Colonel Gray High School in Charlottetown, he went on to study at Bishop's University where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in political studies.

Prior to entering provincial politics, Robert worked as a Special Assistant to Prime Minister Jean Chr├ętien where he advised the Prime Minister on matters related to Atlantic Canada. He also served as Special Assistant to the Minister of Canadian Heritage and was employed in the private sector as Manager of Government Affairs for the Bank of Nova Scotia in Ottawa.

Robert returned home in 2003 and became Leader of the Liberal Party of Prince Edward Island and was elected Leader of the Opposition following the provincial general election of 2003. He was sworn in as Premier of Prince Edward Island in June, 2007, after leading the Liberal Party to a 23-4 victory in the provincial general election of May 28. He once again led his party to victory in the provincial election of 2011, winning 22 of the 27 seats, and was sworn in again as Premier on October 18.

His time in office has been marked by achieving major improvements to our education system with the introduction of kindergarten as a full-day program in the public school system. This was the most significant initiative to take place in Island education in decades. During the recession, Robert and his government made strong investments in public infrastructure and played a key role in helping the province weather the recession. Robert and his Government are now focused on creating jobs and the conditions that will foster economic growth for Prince Edward Island.

In January of 2012, Robert was named co-chair of the Council of the Federation Innovation Health Working Group along with Premier Brad Wall of Saskatchewan where he and Premier Wall delivered their first report to the Council at the summer 2012 meeting in Halifax. Premier Ghiz is married to Dr. Kate Ellis Ghiz. They have two daughters, Julia Elizabeth and Emma Christena.

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