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Fred McMahon

Fred McMahon

Vice President International Policy Research and Director Centre for Trade...

Fraser Institute

Fred McMahon is the Vice President International Policy Research and the Director of the Centre for Trade and Globalization Studies at The Fraser Institute. He manages the Economic Freedom of the World Project and examines global issues, such as development, trade, governance, and economic structure. The Centre coordinates the Economic Freedom Network, an international alliance of independent think tanks in nearly 70 nations. As well, the centre publishes The Fraser Institute's Annual Survey of Mining Companies. McMahon is the author of numerous research articles and several books including Looking the Gift Horse in the Mouth: The Impact of Federal Transfers on Atlantic Canada , which won the Sir Antony Fisher International Memorial Award for advancing public policy debate, Road to Growth: How Lagging Economies Become Prosperous , and Retreat from Growth: Atlantic Canada and the Negative Sum Economy . He has written for numerous publications including the European Journal of Political Economy, the SAIS Journal, Policy Options, The National Post, Time (Canada), The Globe and Mail, Ottawa Citizen, and most other major Canadian newspapers. Research articles he has recently authored or co-authored include: "Economic Freedom of North America", "Quebec Prosperity: Taking the Next Step", "The Unseen Wall: The Fraser Institute''s Annual Trade Survey", and "Economic Freedom of the Arab World" . He has a MA in Economics from McGill University, Montreal.

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