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The Honourable David Alward

The Honourable David Alward

Premier of New Brunswick

David Alward believes politics is about people.

This vital principle has guided his unique path into public life from his background as a volunteer in his community, to his work as a farmer, a public servant, a businessman… and today as Premier of New Brunswick.

It’s a path through which he has worked to connect people, and the ideas they value, with the decisions that touch their communities.

David grew up in rural New Brunswick where he learned to make a difference in his community.He and his wife Rhonda established themselves in Riceville near Meductic, where they still live today with their sons Jonathan and Benjamin.

In his volunteer work with the Meductic fire department, St. John Ambulance,his church, and local schools, David contributed in his way to many of the organizations and institutions that communities like his had earned and built through generations of hard work and cooperation.

But as a citizen he began to notice that communities across the province were being stripped of the tools they needed to orient their futures and grow.

In 1998, as local decision making authority was being eroded across the province David decided he needed to create change more broadly.

He won the Progressive Conservative nomination in Woodstock in 1998, and was elected to represent that riding in the legislature in four consecutive elections beginning in 1999.

He served as a cabinet minister, and was elected leader of the Progressive Conservative Party in 2008.

As major decisions were again moving farther away from the people they impacted, David reached out to New Brunswickers in a bold and unprecedented way: he listened. His open, transparent, and grassroots-driven approach resonated with citizens who had been left feeling disengaged from the political process.He led his Progressive Conservative party to decisive and historic victory in the Sept. 27 election, and he is pleased to serve alongside New Brunswickers as we work together to address our fiscal challenges and grow a stronger New Brunswick.

His fresh style of leadership was immediately noticed especially in this time of great challenge and opportunity.
For example, a Moncton Times & Transcript editorial praised his unique approach in an editorial which stated: “We are grateful to have Premier David Alward, with a farming background, in the driver's seat. Farmers don't sacrifice a field for a one-time cash crop, they plan prudently for the long-term. That's exactly what the province needs.” Connecting people, ideas, and decisions has always been central to David’s vision for his community and his province, and it will continue to be as he leads us through these most urgent challenges.

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