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Sheena Ewan

Sheena Ewan

Founder & CEO


Sheena has a background of almost a decade working in a university setting as a research assistant, departmental administrator, student care coordinator, and/or student staff supervisor. During her work at X University, she has also been invited to facilitate workshops on mindfulness and Reiki for students, staff and faculty. Sheena speaks on spirituality, faith, trust, psychedelic medicine from a healing perspective, as well as transformative processing tools and techniques like reiki, astrology, creativity, and writing at events, conferences, retreats across the Greater Toronto Area, Ottawa, New York, Florida & Jamaica.

As the CEO/Founder of OnePeopleTO, Sheena Ewan facilitates media, corporate, and sponsorship opportunities via a variety of offerings. Sheena earned her Reiki Master/Teacher training in 2013, became a certified astrologer with the Canadian Association for Astrological Education in 2017 & has been a tarot reader for over 20 years. Through employing these practices for her own mental health management, Sheena has honed her healing & intuitive qualities in order to emotionally support herself and by extension her surrounding community with great success. She is studying for her Level Two Canadian Astrologer certification with the Canadian Association for Astrological Education (CAAE). In 2018, she displayed her first solo visual art show in Toronto, ON. In 2019, Sheena was guided to open OnePeopleTO, Toronto's Inclusive Spiritual Sanctuary. OnePeopleTO is a Black-owned sanctuary that promotes and celebrates Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour healing practitioners, artisans, and entrepreneurs for partnership and economic development opportunities that are accessible and diversified.

A healthy survivor of childhood incestual abuse & racial trauma, Sheena is passionate about anchoring others throughout their own phases of transition, processing, and integration by creating a safe container to activate healing for those consciously navigating life so they can continue to show up in life knowing they have the spiritual & emotional support they need to get through.

Sheena's offering includes Reiki group and individual sessions & Reiki training, speaking engagements, energy healing, and spiritual mentorship. With experience in actively healing her own incestual and racial trauma, Sheena is skilled at holding space for those who are moving towards their own subsequent transformation. She encourages clients to take healing into their hands by becoming an expert of their own mind and body to foster an empowered relationship with traditional mental healthcare models. This often means exploring and honouring their inner life and/or past experiences to build resilience and redefine the lens through which they see the world.

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