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Zayna Khayat, Ph.D.

Zayna Khayat, Ph.D.

Vice President

Teladoc Health Canada

An unprecedented amount of change is coming to our largely analog and institution-centered health systems in this era of democratization and digitization. Dr. Khayat explores key forces that are accelerating the shift towards the future of health(care), legacy business models that are being shed, and new business models that are emerging.

A key driver of the future of health is the disequilibrium between the demand for health services [by a population that’s growing in size, staying alive longer and accumulating illness and disease] and a system that was not designed for that volume, scale nor complexity of demand. Therefore, our health systems face a crux when demand exceeds supply, which creates the perfect breeding ground to do things differently.

Another driver of the future of health is emerging exponential technologies [such as AI, sensors, VR, autonomous vehicles, etc.] that are taking a lot of friction and cost out of current healthcare business models, and opening up new possibilities for organizing, delivering and paying for care that could not be imagined before.

The final key driver of the future of health is the power shift occurring – from the healthcare provider to ‘people-powered health care.’ In this ‘patient revolution’, patients are taking more matters into their own hands & communities, now that they have more information as well as the means of production. Employers are also starting to become healthcare organizations, rather than waiting for or trying to fix the current healthcare system.

Zayna is a futurist that’s sought after by many global companies, boards and conferences that want to get ahead in the new health economy and innovation. Her work and research have collaboratively urged her audiences to demand more in their health care and from health systems that govern care. Dr. Khayat was previously the lead of health system innovation at MaRS Discovery District, a health innovation hub in Toronto, Canada. Currently, she is the Future Strategist with SE Health (formerly, Saint Elizabeth Health Care) a health and social impact enterprise with a major focus on creating a better future for aging adults in their homes and communities.

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