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Marianne Meed Ward

Marianne Meed Ward


City of Burlington

Mayor Marianne Meed Ward was elected as the 29th mayor of Burlington, Ontario in October of 2018. She is also the second woman to hold that position in Burlington’s history.

Mayor Meed Ward is working hand in hand with Burlington City Council to build a city that grows and thrives. In launching the Mayor’s Red Tape Red Carpet Task force in early 2019, she is partnering with local businesses to identify the challenges to business expansion and attraction and remove them.

In the first budget under her leadership, the City of Burlington approved the lowest tax increase at the city level in 8 years while still investing in services like transit, infrastructure and tree planting. She has already implemented several measures to protect Burlington’s environment, including a new private tree protection bylaw and the declaration of a Climate Emergency.

In her commitment to responsible future growth and development in Burlington, she is overseeing initiatives that will ensure growth happens in the right places and at the right scale.

On her path to becoming Mayor, Marianne served as a Burlington city councillor for 2 consecutive terms, from 2010 to 2018. Prior to her career in politics, Marianne worked for 22 years as a journalist for clients including the Toronto Sun, Vision TV, CBC, CHCH news, Chatelaine, Ryerson University and more, committed to keeping people informed about the issues and information that impact their lives.

She lives in Burlington with her husband, 3 children, and their Wheaten terrier, Boston.

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