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Niroja Arulananthan

Niroja Arulananthan


Canadian writer, strategist and community leader

Niroja Arulananthan is a Canadian writer, strategist and community leader. Niroja’s life embodies the North American dream with a story that began with her fleeing the war-torn nation of Sri Lanka with her family as refugees, to creating a life driven by purpose and impact in North America. She is highly sought-after by global brands for her strong leadership skills, ability to develop impactful strategies, and her exceptional eye for opportunity. With a desire to open hearts and minds around the world, she is a strong proponent of having courageous conversations and challenging the status quo, often drawing on her own lived experiences.

Through the advice of her mentors, Niroja learned the importance of learning to be influential in every stage of life. If you can’t learn to be influential as an intern, you’re not going to be influential as the CEO. With this advice in mind, she sought to be a person of influence wherever she went. Whether it is her career, business, or community service, she gives her very best at all times. She is known for taking initiative, accountability, and always committing to excellence. Some of her most selfless acts have been in the charitable and non-profit sector where she served in multiple leadership positions, including the Board of Director of the Canadian Tamil Professionals’ Association and the Ontario Public Services’ Diversity Council representing over 60,000 employees. In her latest passion project, she is the founder and program lead for the Raising Future Leaders initiative, a program designed to teach children civic literacy and encourage political participation from an early age.

Through a chance connection on Twitter a decade ago, Niroja has discovered her talent for storytelling. Inspired by the founder of a ghostwriting agency called WritersBlok, Niroja pitched, and pitched, and pitched her life away for an opportunity to pen pieces for the agency. With persistence and consistency, she was added to the agency’s roster of freelance writers. With self-confidence and a desire to learn, she raised her hand to take on as many different assignments as possible. One assignment led to another, and soon enough she was working on some of the agency’s biggest projects including full-length manuscripts.

Niroja is now a Senior Ghostwriter and the Director of Business Development for TheWritersBlok, a ghostwriting agency that helps founders, executives, celebrities, and professional athletes elevate their voice and brand. The WritersBlok is a specialized team of freelance writers from various backgrounds who have produced content for some of today’s most popular websites and major media outlets such as Fortune, Elle.com, Vogue.com, and Fast Company. In her expanded role, she implements strategic initiatives, and supports business development and marketing, while managing client accounts. The motto at The WritersBlok is that if you have a platform, you have a responsibility. The WritersBlok plays a leading role in helping their clients speak on social issues, sharing their narrative, and effectively navigating market trends and cultural sensitivities in speech. Niroja is a columnist for Toronto.com, a subsidiary of Metroland Media Toronto, a leading community media organization.

Using her natural ability to powerfully tell stories, Niroja has shifted mediums and is expanding the storytelling of her own narrative. She is currently working on the launch of her first podcast, Inside into Insight, and her next self-published book based on her own personal narrative. She is known to empower audiences to think differently, dream bigger, and question the status quo. Niroja often speaks on stage, both as a moderator and speaker, on topics related to diversity and inclusion, professional development, politics and governance. She has diverse experience in the public sector having worked
in corporate services, executive offices, policy development, and project management for the Ontario Public Service (OPS). In her most recent role in the OPS as the Manager of Project Management, she achieved her goal to reach management before the age of 30. In only 6 years, Niroja transitioned from Intern to Management.

Niroja is an alumnus of the University of Toronto, having completed her bachelor’s degree, specializing in English and Sociology, and her master’s degree, in Adult Education, Workplace Learning and Social Change, both at the institution. Niroja’s thesis examined the impact of the ethic of neutrality on the personal political participation of public servants employed by the Ontario Public Service. At every turn, Niroja has demonstrated her commitment to challenging the status quo and having important conversations that are often avoided in our communities and workplaces.

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