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The Right Honourable António Costa

The Right Honourable António Costa

Prime Minister of Portugal

António Costa has an extensive political experience in Government, in Parliament and as Mayor of Lisbon, the Capital of Portugal.
António Costa was first elected MP (Member of Parliament) in 1991 and made his debut in Government as Secretary of State for Parliamentary Affairs in 1995, depending directly from the Minister of the Presidency Antonio Vitorino and was appointed as Minister in 1997, having the responsibility for the Expo 98. In 1999, on the second government of António Guterres, he took over the administration of justice which he held until 2002.
With the Portuguese Socialist Party in opposition, he was elected Leader of the PS Parliamentary Group in the Portuguese Parliament, functions that he held until 2004 European elections. PS won with 44.53% and he was elected to the European Parliament where he assumed the Vice-Presidency of the European Parliament.
The PS electoral victory with an absolute majority in 2005 early elections settled his return to Portugal as Minister of State and Interior (2005/07).
In 2007, before the serious political and financial crisis that hit the City of Lisbon, he presented himself as candidate to Mayor to the mid-term Elections in the Portuguese capital which he won with 29.5%, being successively re-elected in the 2009 and 2013 elections with impressive victories of 44% and 51%, ensuring in both an absolute majority in the City Council of the Portuguese capital.

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