June 2014

What is wrong with Canada’s Capital Markets? Understanding the Issues & Implementing Solutions

11:45am-1:30pm | Hilton Toronto - 145 Richmond St W, Toronto

For a Canadian retail investor, a unit holder in a pension or mutual fund or a company seeking to raise capital, recent media headlines relating to our capital markets are confusing, if not alarming: “The markets are rigged”, “High Frequency Trading is a cancer”, “The venture capital industry is broken”, “Firms go public too early”, …

Leveraging a body of work initiated at the end of 2012, Jos Schmitt, President & CEO of Aequitas Innovations, will look past the headlines and share his insights on the real issues, and the need for industry-driven, innovative solutions to restore confidence in Canada’s capital markets.

Jos will give his perspective on the fundamental importance of developing solutions based on a common sense approach to trading and capital raising. Solutions that put the needs of issuers and long-term investors first, and in doing so, restores focus on the original purpose of an exchange – the efficient allocation of capital between issuers and investors.

Aequitas is the company building both a new Canadian stock exchange for senior securities and a private markets platform focused on capital raising and liquidity for small and mid-sized companies seeking funding.

What is wrong with Canada’s Capital Markets? Understanding the Issues & Implementing Solutions

Jos Schmitt

President & CEO
Aequitas Innovations Inc.

Jos Schmitt

Jos has more than twenty-five years of experience in the financial services industry both internationally and in Canada, with particular expertise in the market infrastructure space, across asset classes and across geographies. Prior to joining Aequitas, Jos set up the Brilliant Orange group of companies, active in capital markets consulting, technology and real estate investments; he served as CEO of the Alpha Group of companies, including the Alpha Exchange; and as EVP Head of the Americas and Global Head of Capital Markets for a global professional services company focused on the financial services industry. During his tenure at this professional services company, he acted as strategic advisor and director of operational and/or technology programs for some of the largest market infrastructure organizations and broker-dealers around the globe. Some of his previous roles include: President and CEO of a European Derivatives Exchange and Clearing House, President and CEO of a pan-European Indices Publisher, Chairman of a Derivatives SRO, and Head of Strategy and Business Operations at a European Stock Exchange.

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