June 2020

[DIGITAL EVENT] Unmuted - How Corporate Canada Can Support Black Communities + Organizations

11:30am-12:30pm | ZOOM Platform - ,

The Global Institute for Conscious Economics:

We are leading the revolution to BUILD a more Conscious Economy.
The Global Institute for Conscious Economics is a “new economy accelerator” and social enterprise that promotes the connection between consciousness (mindfulness + mental health) and better business outcomes. Our forum is dedicated to inspiring a more mindful conversation about the future of work, the new economy, and the well-being of our labour force. Through our events, research and educational programs, we offer a modern perspective on the new economy promoting a model of people, planet, profit, and art working in harmony. Our philosophy is rooted in the interconnection of consciousness (mindfulness) and economic, environmental, and societal sustainability.

Canadian business executives are speaking out in support of anti-Black racism. We know it's time to step up, but what does that look like? How can corporate operations invest in 3B organizations in a meaningful way?

We've created a virtual toolkit that will explore the unique barriers and nuances of serving the Black community in 3 areas: Youth Employment, the Arts, and Health

Watch the Full Event Here: https://youtu.be/OAcB6cll2M4

*The views expressed on the Economic Club platform are not that of the Economic Club or its affiliates but of the speakers alone and the organizations they represent*

Agapi Gessesse

Executive Director
CEE Center for Young Black Professionals

Agapi Gessesse

Agapi Gessesse is a powerful, influential and fearless change-maker. Born and raised in Toronto by a refugee mother, Agapi’s commitment to community development stems from her lived experience, which then propelled her to obtain her masters degree in Social Justice.

Agapi has captivated audiences on local and national stages and conferences including the National Housing Conference, AFP, and Maytree’s Five Good Ideas. She speaks and writes articles on topics such as diversity and inclusion, workforce development and youth engagement.

Agapi Gessesse is currently the Executive Director of CEE Centre for Young Black Professionals. She is a passionate, driven and visionary leader who champions the mission and vision of CEE-addressing economic issues affecting Black youth. Since starting her role, Agapi has spearheaded the substantial growth of the organizations’ impact, reach and sustainability.

For over a decade, Agapi has worked to enhance the lives of marginalized youth through her work with Toronto Community Housing (TCHC), United Way Greater Toronto (UWGT) and as the ED of POV 3rd Street.
Her roles and mandates include that of a professional fundraiser, social enterprise manager, and coordinator of youth leadership program. Agapi’s accomplishments and practical impact continues to burgeon.

Awards and Recognition include:
Dial mover in tech 2019
Maytree Fellow
Aroni Award

Alicia Hall

Executive Director
Nia Centre for the Arts

Alicia Hall

Liben Gebremikael

Executive Director
TAIBU Community Health Centre

Liben Gebremikael

Rhiannon Rosalind

President & CEO
Economic Club of Canada

Rhiannon Rosalind

Rhiannon is the President, CEO, and Owner of The Economic Club of Canada, Founder of The Jr. Economic Club of Canada and CEO & Co-Founder of The Global Institute for Conscious Economics (GICE). Rhiannon is redefining what it means to be a corporate leader in this country. She is passionate about highlighting the most important issues our nation is grappling with—from Truth & Reconciliation to racism and exclusion on Bay Street, Rhiannon is challenging corporate Canada to see its role in creating a more prosperous and equal future for everyone. Rhiannon has hosted countless thought leaders and changemakers at The Economic Club of Canada through the years including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Former First Lady Michelle Obama, and human rights advocate Amal Clooney. A go-to for Bay Street, tech, healthcare, domestic, and international political leaders, The Economic Club is a 21st-century public policy platform where the leaders of today and tomorrow connect.

After graduating from Ryerson University, Rhiannon joined The Economic Club of Canada in 2008 and became CEO, President, and Owner in 2011 at just 26 years old. Rhiannon has been acknowledged as one of the most accomplished influencers in Canada. She has been named one of Canada’s Change Agents by Canadian Business Magazine, one of WXN Canada’s TOP 100 Most Powerful Women in Business three times and became the youngest ever WXN “Hall of Fame” award winner in the fall of 2018.

Rhiannon has been a tireless advocate for youth, developing seven national programs under the Jr. Economic Club banner that have impacted over 50,000 young Canadians and provided over $150,000 in academic scholarships. Rhiannon may mingle and do business with the C-suite crowd, but she definitely shouldn’t be confused with the establishment. Inspired by her own lived experience with child poverty as the daughter of a single mother, Rhiannon has become a warrior for women and youth facing barriers.

Rhiannon is the proud mother of two young boys, Luke and Bennett, and enjoys exploring Toronto with them in her spare time.

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