September 2016

Unite Alberta for 2019: Restoring the Alberta Advantage

11:45am-1:30pm | The Westin Calgary - 320 4th Avenue S.W., Calgary

"Jason Kenney is seeking a mandate to create a united free-enterprise party. Since the NDP was elected in 2015, the Alberta Advantage has been destroyed by new taxes on business, income, property, and payrolls – and once the carbon tax takes effect, nearly everything else. New regulations, a huge increase in the minimum wage, political lawsuits against power producers, and other measures have greatly damaged the Alberta economic climate. The 2019 election is a critical moment for Alberta, and Jason is running to unite Albertans to get the province back on the right track and restore the Alberta Advantage."

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Individual seat: $89 +GST
Table (seats 10): $800 +GST

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Individual seat: $110 +GST
Table (seats 10): $990 +GST

Unite Alberta for 2019: Restoring the Alberta Advantage

Jason Kenney

Leadership Candidate
Alberta Progressive Conservative Party

Jason Kenney

Jason committed himself to public life as President of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, where he fought hard for lower taxes and fiscal responsibility.

In 1997, Calgary voters elected him to Parliament where he worked to unite conservatives nationally. Since then, he’s been voted the “best overall,” “hardest working,” and “most knowledgeable” MP by his colleagues. Jason was called “perhaps Canada’s best immigration minister ever” by the National Post, and also led Canada’s two largest ministries: Employment and Social Development, and National Defence. At Employment and Social Development, Jason successfully negotiated the new Canada Job Grant program with the provinces - a feat critics said was unlikely.

As Multiculturalism Minister, he helped to double the Conservative Party’s support amongst new Canadians.

Jason is now working to unite Albertans so we can get our province back on track and restore the Alberta Advantage.

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