June 2015

The Electricity Imperative

11:45am-1:30pm | The Fairmont Chateâu Laurier ~ Drawing Room - 1 Rideau Street, Ottawa

Electricity powers our homes, offices, factories, institutions, and economy. Yet we rarely consider the complex infrastructure underpinning the electricity system.

We need to pay closer attention, and we need to do so now.

Across Canada, governments have postponed hard decisions and have under-invested in that infrastructure year after year, hoping to get by for a little while longer. They, and regulators alike, worried about the cost of investing and the impact on electricity prices. Of course this is a legitimate concern. However, we must also shift the conversation to the value of electricity. Much of Canada’s electricity infrastructure is near the end of its life cycle and must be renewed, replaced, and modernized, requiring a $350 billion investment over the next 20 years.

Our country needs reliable electricity to grow and prosper; but not reinvesting also brings with it costs and consequences. Like with everything else, choices must be made for our future.

Hear the Honourable Sergio Marchi, President and CEO of the Canadian Electricity Association, make the case for this and other challenges facing Canada’s electricity industry.

The Electricity Imperative

The Honourable Sergio Marchi, P.C.

President and Chief Executive Officer
Canadian Electricity Association

The Honourable Sergio Marchi, P.C.

The Honourable Sergio Marchi was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Electricity Association (CEA) in February 2015. As President of CEA, Mr. Marchi acts as spokesperson on issues of national concern to the electric utility industry.

The Honourable Sergio Marchi was elected as a Toronto City Councillor in 1982, and was subsequently elected as the Member of Parliament representing the Toronto riding of York West in 1984. During his time in the federal government, he served as Cabinet Minister in three key portfolios: International Trade; Environment; and Citizenship and Immigration.

After voluntarily leaving the political arena in 1999, Mr. Marchi was appointed Canadian Ambassador to the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the United Nations (UN) Agencies in Geneva, where he served for five years. In 2003, he was nominated by the Canadian government and the UN Secretary General to serve as Commissioner on the UN Global Commission on International Migration, a position he held until 2005.

Prior to joining CEA, Mr. Marchi held a number of positions in the private sector, and was a frequent public speaker and commentator on international issues, including global migration, international economy, trade, and investment.

Mr. Marchi graduated from York University with an Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree in Urban Planning. He is married, with two children.

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