January 2019

Neil Parmenter, President of the Canadian Bankers Association to Address the EC

11:30am-1:30pm | Marriott Eaton Centre Hotel - 525 Bay Street, Toronto

Banks and innovation: change you can trust

Every part of the economy evolves over time, but it’s impossible to discuss banking without acknowledging the accelerated rate of change in this sector. It’s a pace that intensifies year after year. The easy conclusion is that technology is responsible for the transformation of the banking industry. But that’s only partially true. The more important dynamic is a shift in the position that banks have in relationship to their key stakeholders: customers, government and regulators, and potentially every citizen. It’s a transformation that has taken banks from simply facilitating transactions to serving as central pillars of trust in the modern economy. This trusted position has enabled Canada’s vibrant banking sector to lead innovations that have transformed the customer experience and driven a virtuous cycle of modernization that cascades through Canadian business and society. Neil will outline the next steps required to continue harnessing these positive forces so that banks can continue delivering change Canadians trust.

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