May 2019

Yasir Naqvi | Canada and the 21st Century Citizen

11:30am-1:30pm | The National Club - 303 Bay Street, M5H 2R1, Toronto

Canada and the 21st Century Citizen

What is citizenship in the 21st century? How can we—as individuals and as organizations—play a role in accelerating inclusion and belonging among new Canadian citizens? And why is it imperative that we do so?

Join Yasir Naqvi, CEO of the Institute for Canadian Citizenship and former Attorney General of Ontario, for an interactive exploration of the role of corporate Canada at the intersection of citizenship, inclusion, and belonging. Mr. Naqvi will lead a discussion inspired by his own journey, charting the course from the personal to the professional—and encouraging others to do the same.

Powered by a passionate and committed national network, the Institute for Canadian Citizenship (ICC) is an independent civil society organization co-founded by The Rt. Hon. Adrienne Clarkson and John Ralston Saul. The ICC delivers programs and special projects that inspire Canadians to be inclusive, create opportunities to connect, and encourage active citizenship.

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Yasir Naqvi

Chief Executive Officer
Institute of Canadian Citizenship

Yasir Naqvi

Yasir Naqvi is the Chief Executive Officer of the Institute for Canadian Citizenship (ICC), Canada’s leading voice on citizenship and inclusion. Prior to joining the ICC, Mr. Naqvi served as a Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) for almost 11 years, representing a downtown, urban and diverse community in Ottawa, Ontario. In that time, he served as the Attorney General of Ontario, Government House Leader, the Minister of Labour, and the Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services. Mr. Naqvi is a lawyer, and has served as a part-time professor at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law, and a guest lecturer at Carleton University. A first generation Canada, Mr. Naqvi is recognized by his peers as a strong community leader. He is married to Christine McMillan, and is proud of his children, Rafi and Elliana.

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