February 2017

Building up neighbourhood economies: the future of home sharing in Ontario

11:45am-1:30pm | The National Club - 303 Bay St. , Toronto

New technology and rapid innovation are fueling profound changes in the way that Canadians are living, working and travelling. Airbnb is contributing to the growth of this emerging sharing economy by helping people from all walks of life share their homes with guests from around the world.   

With three-quarters of Airbnb listings located outside traditional tourist hotspots, Airbnb gives millions of travelers the opportunity to experience neighbourhoods and communities like a local, staying longer and spending more during their visit. This generates significant new opportunities for local businesses, restaurants and entrepreneurs to share in the economic benefits of growing international tourism. Annual tourist arrivals worldwide have increased from 674 million in 2000 to nearly 1.2 billion today, and are forecasted to reach 1.8 billion by 2030. At the same time, home sharing through Airbnb is an economic lifeline that helps thousands of hosts across Canada pay their bills and afford to stay in their homes.

Tourism today represents nearly 10% of global GDP, and Ontario, with its distinctive communities and neighbourhoods, exciting cultural experiences and exhilarating natural landscapes, is well-positioned to benefit from this seismic change in global travel. Chris Lehane, Airbnb’s Head of Global Policy and Public Affairs and former White House advisor to President Bill Clinton, will share his insights on the significant economic benefits of home sharing in Toronto, Ontario, and around the world. He will discuss Airbnb’s commitment to work together with government to develop fair, easy-to-follow policies that support home sharing and allow regular people to continue to share their homes and make ends meet.

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Chris Lehane

Head of Global Policy and Public Affairs

Chris Lehane

Christopher Lehane is the Head of Global Policy and Public Affairs for Airbnb. In this role, he leads Airbnb’s work with policy makers around the world to support common sense approaches that protect the right of everyday people to share their homes in order to help make ends meet, oversees the company’s efforts to educate the public about the community wide economic benefits created by home sharing and directs initiatives to communicates how the platform is helping to democratize travel by allowing anyone to belong anywhere.

Prior to joining Airbnb, Lehane provided strategic counsel to political, corporate, technology, entertainment and professional sports clients. In the 1990s, Lehane served in various positions in the Clinton Administration, including Press Secretary to Vice President Al Gore, Special Assistant Counsel to President Bill Clinton and Counselor to Housing and Urban Development Secretary Andrew Cuomo.

A published author and film/co-producer, Lehane has also served as a Lecturer in Management at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Lehane graduated from Harvard Law School in 1994 and from Amherst College in 1990. He serves on the Board of Trustees for Amherst College; the Board of Advisors for Common Sense Media, a children’s health media advocacy non-profit and AT&T's Aspire Accelerator, an effort to promote education technology to improve learning.

He lives in San Francisco with his wife, Andrea, a human rights lawyer, and two sons, Dominic and Quincy.

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