To our community, clients and valued members:

We know you’re being overwhelmed with information about COVID-19. We see that, realize it, and understand that this time is hard to navigate for everyone.

We’ve made the difficult decision to pause and postpone our events season until further notice. This is obviously a fluid situation, so we will be monitoring and adjusting our plans and timelines accordingly based on the direction from all levels of Government. Our goal is to do our part for the global well-being.

This is a tough call for many reasons. In our Toronto market alone, The Economic Club of Canada hosts a thousand people during a typical week. We pride ourselves on building a space for breaking news, global dialogue and inclusive conversations. Providing our members, guests and sponsors exceptional event experience has always been a top priority for us. We’re committed to coming up with creative solutions during this uncertain time to fill the gap, such as hosting digital events and delivering content to members in innovative ways, thinking outside of the standard EC event framework.

We are a small, but mighty small business and, like many other businesses, we have already felt the economic impact of this public health emergency. But as Canada’s national podium of record, we understand the strength and resilience of our economy. We stand with all our members as you work to ensure the health and safety of their teams, their customers and the broader community you serve.

This situation is evolving by the hour. Stay informed and up to date with current Health Canada recommendations:

At our core, we are Canada’s national podium of record hosting over 100 events each year, featuring global leaders and top decision makers to discuss the most pressing issues of the day. As a social enterprise—we leverage our resources, connections and influence to build meaningful opportunities for women and young leaders, with a commitment to driving a more inclusive society and conscious economy. Check out our various platforms below to get engaged and involved.

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