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April 2014

11:45am-1:30pm | VENUE CHANGE: One King West Hotel - 1 King Street West , Toronto

The Honourable Kevin Sorenson, Minister of State for Finance, will deliver a keynote speech on the state of the Canadian economy and pensions.


April 2014

7:45am-9:00am | Fairmont Palliser - 133 9th Ave SW, Calgary


April 2014

11:30am-1:30pm | The Fairmont Château Laurier - 1 Rideau Street, Ottawa

Join a seasoned group of experts from both the Diplomatic core and financial core for an interactive armchair discussion regarding emerging market economic trends in 2014 and beyond. Emerging markets are major players in global economic growth and The Economic Club of Canada is pleased to welcome, H.E. Francisco Suárez Dávila, Ambassador of Mexico to Canada, Mr. Pedro Fernando Brêtas Bastos, Ambassador of Brazil to Canada, Dr. Warren Jestin, and Mr. Pablo Bréard moderated by Gillian Riley, Senior Vice President Commercial Banking, Scotiabank.


May 2014

7:45am-9:00am | The Fairmont Château Laurier - 1 Rideau Street, Ottawa

Alberta is a powerhouse in the Canadian economy, with natural resources and the energy sector driving much of that growth. The vitality of Alberta’s economy attracts many Canadians searching for new opportunities. Alberta has been growing at a rate of a small city every year, and it is anticipated that it will continue to do so for at least the next ten years.

With this rapid growth come many challenges, challenges which fall directly on Alberta’s municipalities as the front line service providers. These growth pressures most directly affect municipalities that cannot afford to pay for the necessary infrastructure to support such an influx. International private sector investment seeking to relocate business within communities, take into consideration many factors such as the services available and quality of life.

Housing, water and wastewater, infrastructure, policing, emergency services, and family and social assistance are just a few examples of what municipalities are expected to deliver without the corresponding growth in resources.

Municipalities are responsible for the quality of life of their citizens and the quality of services they provide, but from where does the funding come to support these vital services? And at what cost to municipalities as they struggle to keep pace with insecure and infrequently received funding?

Listen to AUMA’s President Helen Rice as she shares how the very things that make Alberta one of Canada’s most advantaged provinces also create such insurmountable challenges to municipalities.


May 2014

11:45am-1:30pm | The Westin Calgary - 320 4th Avenue SW, Calgary

Alberta’s wealth didn't occur by accident. There is a misconception that since Alberta’s always had the resources, the capital will just keep coming. This belief is patently untrue and dangerous to Alberta’s economic future. Alberta didn’t come into its enviable economic position because of geology or geography. It wasn’t low exploration and development costs. It certainly wasn’t the weather. It was a stable political regime, economic certainty and investor confidence. Today, these advantages are eroding in Alberta and posing a serious risk to our long-term economic health. Thanks to a series of questionable political decisions, investor confidence is shrinking, the regulatory burden is growing and, as a result, capital is leaving. Changes must be made in order to reverse these trends and re-establish a stable economic framework that attracts investment and ensures the only economic risks are posed by the market itself, not by the provincial government.


May 2014

11:30am-1:30am | The Westin Ottawa - 11 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa

Join a seasoned group of healthcare professionals for an armchair discussion regarding mental health in Canada. What can we do to raise awareness of these mental health issues and how can we create an environment for citizens suffering from these illnesses to feel safe enough to talk? This discussion will look at cross disciplinary approaches to observe mental health and draw on best practices.


May 2014

7:45am-1:45pm | Ted Rogers School of Management - Grand Auditorium - 55 Dundas Street West, Toronto

The Economic Club of Canada is partnering with The Ted Rogers School of Management to develop a half day conference at Ryerson University in Toronto. The conference will bring together senior policy makers and business leaders, government officials and academics to create a discourse around the complex issues surrounding the Canada USA border and its economic implications.

The conference will feature the following experts:

Frank McKenna
Former Canadian Ambassador to U.S.
Deputy Chairman of TD Bank

Jim Blanchard
Former US Ambassador to Canada

Ken Jones
Dean Emeritus
Ted Rogers School of Management

Diane Francis
Author, Editor at Large
National Post

The Honourable Jim Peterson
Former Trade Minister

Professor Eugene Beaulieu
Senior Fellow
Fraser Institute

Scotty Greenwood
Managing Director
McKenna Long & Aldridge, Washington, DC

*$30.00 Student Rate Available


May 2014

11:45am-1:30am | Eaton Chelsea - 33 Gerrard Street , Toronto

What is big data and how can businesses, industry benefit from it – what are the possibilities?


May 2014

11:45am-1:30am | One King West Hotel - 1 King Street West , Toronto

BC Finance Minister, The Honourable Michael de Jong, to address the Economic Club of Canada

Past Events


March 2014

NAFTA, Energy & Automotive : What will the future bring ?

7:45am-9:00am | InterContinental Hotel - 225 Front Street West , Toronto

In this exclusive Economic Club address hear firsthand from the Governor of Coahuila Mexico & the Secretary Economic Development as they discuss the of trade, manufacturing and the idea of North American energy independence. What will the future bring and how can we work together?

Ruben Ignacio Moreira Valdez, Governor - State of Coahuila, Mexico
Jose Antonio Gutierrez Jardon , Secretary of Economic Development - State of Coahuila, Mexico


March 2014

Calgary Release of the 2014 Canadian Clean Technology Industry Report

11:30am-1:30pm | Delta Bow Valley Hotel - 209 4 Ave SE, Calgary

Join The Honourable Michelle Rempel, Minister of State, Western Economic Diversification, Jim Schubert, P.Eng., Director of Business Planning and Central Operations at Edmonton Waste Management Services, John F. Elliott, President and CEO of Pure Technologies Ltd. and Lawrence Novachis, CEO of FilterBoxx Water and Environmental Corporation for the Analytica Advisors release of the 2014 Canadian Clean Technology Industry Report.

John F. Elliot, President and CEO - Pure Technologies Ltd.
Jim Schubert, P.Eng., Director, Business Planning & Central Operations Waste Management Services...
Lawrence Novachis, P.Eng., MBA, CEO - FilterBoxx Water & Environmental Corporation
The Honourable Michelle Rempel , Minister of State for Western Economic Diversification -...


March 2014

The Web and Cost of Human Trafficking

11:45am-1:30pm | The Westin Ottawa - 11 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa

Heard of human trafficking? Not sure how it happens? Didn’t know Canadian boys and girls are being bought and sold for sex? Did you think the slave trade was eradicated 200 years ago? Think again. Human trafficking, the modern day slave trade, is alive and well in Canada. And it hurts us all. Human trafficking is the fastest growing and most lucrative criminal enterprise in Canada. In fact, a trafficker earns an average of $280,000 per year per victim in Canada. In January, Ottawa saw the first teen pimp case in Canadian history. In February, law enforcement from Alberta to Nova Scotia, launched Operation Northern Spotlight targeting pimps and johns, which also rescued under-age victims, some as young as 15 years old.

Casandra Diamond, Human Trafficking Case Manager - Women's Support Network of York Region
David Kilgour, Director - Council for a Community of Democracies
Dominic Monchamp, Detective Sergeant Investigations Supervisor Multidisciplinary investigation...
Joy Smith, M.Ed., B.Ed., Member of Parliament for Kildonan-St. Paul - Founder and President of...


March 2014

Partners in Trade: S.C. Governor Nikki Haley Details the Canada-Carolina Connection

11:45am-1:30pm | InterContinental Hotel - 225 Front Street West , Toronto

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley will hold an informative session exploring the Canada-Carolina connection. For decades, Canada has served as an important economic development partner for South Carolina, surpassing Germany as one of the state’s top export markets, and purchasing nearly $4 billion in products in 2013 alone.

Nikki R. Haley, Governor - State of South Carolina


April 2014

Strong and Steady: Staying the course to build a better Alberta for the future

11:45am-1:30pm | InterContinental Toronto Centre - 225 Front Street West, Toronto

With a population that’s growing at three times the national rate, Alberta is working to ensure its families and communities continue to have access to the programs, services and public infrastructure they’ll need in the decades to come.

Honourable Doug Horner, President of Treasury Board & Minister of Finance - Government of Alberta


April 2014

1,000 Days to 2017: How the City of Ottawa will make the most of Canada’s big year

11:45am-1:30pm | The Fairmont Château Laurier, - 1 Rideau Street, Ottawa

When Canada celebrates its 150th birthday in 2017, Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson has made it a priority to ensure that the City of Ottawa is at the centre of the action.

After government and high-tech, tourism is the city’s 3rd largest industry. Understanding this, the Sesquicentennial celebrations offer Ottawa businesses and residents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to strengthen the local economy and brand the city as the best place to visit, live, work and raise a family.

Just as Vancouver owned the 2010 Olympics, Quebec City owned its 400th anniversary, and Toronto will own the Pan-Am Games in 2015, Mayor Watson and the City’s 2017 Task Force are working hard to ensure Ottawa can own 2017.

Mayor Watson will provide an update on the 2017 Task Force’s accomplishments to date, as well as outline how the City will build momentum in the months ahead through new initiatives

His Worship, The Honourable Jim Watson, Mayor - City of Ottawa


April 2014

Evolution and Growth: The Future of the Bioeconomy in Canada

11:45am-1:30pm | The Fairmont Château Laurier - 1 Rideau Street, Ottawa

The bioeconomy offers a unique opportunity to foster economic growth and job creation, advance innovation, and help Canada move towards a more prosperous and sustainable energy future.

Renewable fuels, be it ethanol, biodiesel or advanced biofuels, extend our oil supply, diversify our fuel mix and offer superior environmental performance. These biofuels also create new markets for Canadian agricultural products.

Through the 2007 federal Renewable Fuels Strategy and capital investment, Canada has built a strong foundation for renewable fuel products and technology. Now is the time to leverage this success and take it to the next level.

“Evolution and Growth” is the Canadian Renewable Fuels Association’s vision and action plan to ensure that Canada capitalizes on the full potential of its natural biomass and delivers more of the sustainable fuels and products that Canadian consumers want and need.

Senator JoAnne L. Buth , -
W. Scott Thurlow, President - Canadian Renewable Fuels Association


April 2014

Pundits, Predictions & Politics: A Discussion About the Future at All Three Levels

11:45am-1:30pm | Marriott Hotel - 525 Bay St, Toronto, ON M5G 2L2, Toronto

With a municipal election underway, a federal election around the corner and provincial election looming overhead, it’s safe to say the political landscape in Canada is more exciting than ever. Who will take the crown? Who will surely drown? Which of the top players will stick around? Join our panel of experts as they weigh in on these questions and so much more at this Economic Club exclusive.

David Akin, National Bureau Chief, Sun Media. Host of "Battleground" on Sun News Network. - Sun...
Heather Scoffield, Ottawa Bureau Chief - The Canadian Press
John Capobianco, Senior Vice President & Senior Partner - FleishmanHillard
Scott Reid , CTV Political Analyst, Principal at Feschuk.Reid -


April 2014

Investing in a Stronger Ontario

11:45am-1:30pm | InterContinental Hotel - 225 Front Street West , Toronto

Charles Sousa was first elected to the Ontario Legislature in 2007 and re-elected in 2011.

He is currently Ontario's Minister of Finance and has previously served as Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, Minister Responsible for the 2015 Pan/Parapan American Games, Minister of Labour and as a member of the Treasury Board/Management Board of Cabinet.

He has also held the positions of Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Economic Development & Trade, Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Government & Consumer Services and member of the Standing Committee on Finance & Economic Affairs.

Before joining government, Charles worked at Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) Financial Group for more than 20 years. Among his roles were Director of Business Development - Commercial Financial Services, Director of Government & Community Affairs promoting RBC's strategic initiatives and Senior Manager of Marketing at RBC Dominion Securities’ head office. Prior to working at the bank, Charles owned and operated a factoring company that offered financial services to small businesses.

Charles Sousa grew up in south Mississauga and lives in Clarkson with his wife Zenny and their three children.

The Honourable Charles Sousa, Minister of Finance - Government of Ontario


April 2014

What Do Cancer Patients Want?

11:45am-1:30am | One King West Hotel - 1 King Street West , Toronto

Do you think you know what cancer patients really want? Can you identify the gaps in Canada’s cancer care system? Are you aware of the ways that patients themselves are coming up with their own solutions to fill these gaps?

Jackie Manthorne, President & CEO - Canadian Cancer Survivor Network


April 2014

A Discussion with Dr. Bernanke: 8 Years of Crisis Management at the Federal Reserve and the Way Forward

11:45am-1:30pm | The Sheraton Centre, Grand Ballroom - 123 Queen Street West, Toronto

Key topics Dr. Bernanke will address in the Q+A session:

- The Federal Reserve’s response to the U.S. housing crisis, the global financial crisis and subsequent economic downturn.
- The aftermath of the global financial and economic crisis and the progress towards a more sustainable fiscal environment.
- The Federal Reserve’s use of conventional and unconventional monetary tools since the crisis
- The prospects for long-term U.S. economic growth and key risks going forward.

Dr. Ben S. Bernanke, Former Chairman of the The Board of Governors - Federal Reserve System

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